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Our Goal:

The Randall Park Improvement Community Group came together to explore options with members of the community, Dallas Parks and Dallas ISD for making improvements to Randall Park. We are excited to share the resulting proposed plans for enhanced amenities at Randall Park, which includes improved playground, tennis, walking, and athletic field facilities. In addition, the proposed changes add trees and improve parking in the neighborhood.


• The current gated and locked grass soccer field would be turned into an ADA compliant, turf, multi-use complex.  
• The current playground and pavilion would be moved to a more visible corner of the park.
• Existing tennis courts would be replaced with new courts open to the public.  
• A track and turf field will be added to the Southwest corner of the park and will also be open to the public, including Juliette Fowler residents.
• With the addition of a track and turf field to Randall park, the old track and field, currently in disrepair, next to Woodrow Wilson High School can be converted into a 325-space parking lot that will eliminate current school parking congestion in the neighborhood.


Who will pay for these new amenities and their maintenance?
The Randall Park Improvement Community Group proposes the cost of park improvements be covered through private fundraising efforts, city, and school district funds. Although preliminary communication is underway with City of Dallas and DISD, no plans have been approved or funding commitments made to date. The maintenance of the facilities is proposed to be a combined effort between the city and the school district, much like the current facilities at Randall Park.

Will the new amenities take away park space open to the public?
Randall Park will have about the same amount of space open to the public as it currently does. The fenced and locked grass soccer fields will become a multi-use complex accessible through reservations with the city. The tennis courts, track, and turf field will be open to the public. The new facilities will have improved drainage and surfaces, allowing for use in wet weather and greatly enhancing the usability of the park. 

What sort of events could be held at the multi-use complex?
The multi-use complex will be available for all manner of athletic and cultural activity, including but not limited to soccer, football, lacrosse, band, and drill team practices and competitions. 

What sort of traffic should the neighborhood expect with events for the multi-use complex?
Everyday, more than 2,000 students, teachers, and staff come to Woodrow Wilson High School. The average attendance at a Woodrow football games is less than 2,000. The neighborhood already accommodates the volume of traffic for a football game on a daily basis. The current proposed park improvements would enable Woodrow to add a 325-space parking lot that would alleviate parking congestion in the neighborhood for school and events. Traffic issues could actually improve with the addition of a multi-use complex and parking lot.

Would lights be added to the park?
Randall Park already has stadium lights over the soccer, baseball, and softball fields.  
The soccer field lights would be replaced with lights for the multi-use complex. Lighting technology has improved and the multi-use complex lights may produce less glare than the current lights over the soccer field. Lighting will continue to be an important design consideration, given residential adjacency.

Could other amenities be included in the proposed park improvements?
The Randall Park Improvement Community Group would love to hear what else the neighborhood would value in a park. The current proposal improves playground, tennis, walking, and athletic field facilities. The proposal adds trees and improves parking in the neighborhood. What else is important to the community? Pickle ball? Water fountains? We would love to hear.

How else could these improvements impact the neighborhood?
Such facilities are often located in residential areas adjacent to schools and can add vibrancy to the community with a common gathering space for events and highly useable amenities for individuals of all ages.

Some of the proposed changes have been made with park security in mind, including the addition of security cameras.

Randall Park 100 N. Glasgow Dallas, Texas 75214
Randall Park 100 N. Glasgow Dallas, Texas 75214